Sunday, 20 March 2011

how to change the exchange picture on sims 3

we all know that when you load a house up onto the exchange, it comes with a few default pictures of your lot. and they are really bad, they tend to be dull and uninviting, and they always take these shots from the smae angle meaning that they cut out bits of the lot. So i now know a way to change the picture.

  1. Take a few screenshots in game of your lot.
  2. while in edit town mode press share on the lot screen
  3. now close down your game.
  4. take the screenshots you took and change them to 512x512 pixels and save as a .png file. you can do this on or in Photoshop if you have it (note: if it not 512x512 and .png then it wont let you change it.
  5. next, if you dont already have it download the upload image changer for the sims 3 here
  6. now upload the lot you want to change the image
  7. and press replace and choose the image you changed.
  8. wvhalla.
I hoped this helped because it did for me.


  1. WOW, this has really helped me get on top of my problems on the sims 3. But i have another problem. In the sims 3 i am bored with the same old neigbourhoods, i want to download a new world which i know you have done from previous posts, could you give me some tips and good sites to finding new worlds.
    Thank you for your time

    Monica Slavoka

  2. WOW this realy helped better than the last person who tryed to tell me when he said what i had to do i had to download this upload that create this ect.. But this is just easy simple and easy to remember!
    Thanks Alot!


  3. Wow, thanks lots and lots to u and luke he recomeded it ,
    Thanks loads,

  4. Thank you! Just what I needed! ^^

  5. i did all of these steps but it didn't change :(

  6. I am sorry to the people that say it doesn't change, sometimes pictures are not compatible and the files revert to the original and cannot be changed, this is hard to reverse and is a bug in the program.

  7. How do you do the same but for sims? Thanks